Becoming a Hosted VoIP Provider – Please Help!

All of the signs are now in front of you. You are beginning to lose customers to competitors providing Hosted VoIP phone services. You thought to focus only on your core technology products and services, but your competition decided to own the customer’s phone business as one more step in obtaining the one-stop solution customers… Continue Reading Becoming a Hosted VoIP Provider – Please Help!

David and Goliath – The VoIP battleground and how to be the best small business phone system provider

It may feel like your carrying a sling and a pebble as a smaller Hosted VoIP Provider, but you do have the power to conquer the large VoIP providers in this day and age. The paradigm has shifted and arming yourself with a little knowledge goes a long way too winning.

My VoIP Services audio quality is bad – QoS to the rescue?

Many VoIP service providers large and small run into audio quality issues. You can blame it on a lot of things but have you really tried to understand what may be going on? Sometimes it is as simple as Quality of Service settings and that is critical to provide the best quality VoIP phone service.

I want customers for my VoIP hosted service – I will take any SIP phone or device?

When we build our hosted VoIP business, especially during the early stages, we are tempted to say yes to anything a potential customer requests. The typical question you may see will sound something like this “Can I use any phone with your service?” Maybe it’s time to rethink that answer.