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Unlike other private label Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Residential and Fax service, Talking Platforms is a VoIP provider in the USA built from the ground up right here in America without open source engineering. Our business VoIP phone service is carrier built and commercial grade. The system was tested intensively for 18 months in 2003 before it was released and in service for now over 14 years. The integrated billing and accounting system were designed to accommodate not only the service providers partition in our system but their resellers and distributors underneath them. Finally, the system provides advanced security to end-users requiring encryption and secure voice conversations. Stability and reliability are our core focus and promises to you.

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Why we provide the best VoIP reseller program 


Below is a list of features that make Talking Platforms the best VoIP reseller program available:


1. We NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Compete with You  (Most other providers do and many hide the fact!)

From our conception, over 10 years ago we've promised to serve the voice over IP reseller community as a premier VoIP provider in the USA and we still keep that promise today. We do not sell to end-user customers and only work with companies selling to end-users. If the end-user attempts to contact us, we forward the lead to the appropriate Talking Platforms partner/reseller. The marketplace is mostly made up of direct end-user selling providers who either advertise this fact or hide through another company division. You don't have to fund your competitor with Talking Platforms, and this philosophy is why we provide the best VoIP reseller programs in the country.


2. Your choice of a Full-Service model or myPARTITION

Do you want more of a full-service wholesale VoIP reseller program where we take care of the inbound and outbound carriers, telephone numbers (DIDs) and related services? Or would you like to have your own partition of the system where you control the carriers as well as related DID services and become your own VoIP distributor? The best VoIP reseller program should be flexible, and we give you choices.


3. Commercial-Class VoIP with in-built Security

Our private label services come with all account access that is highly secured to prevent hacking, phishing, and attacks by viruses and trojans via the public internet. The best VoIP reseller program is the one with the best security. In addition, we built a dynamic and integrated DoS/DDoS heuristic engine into our system. From login to phone provisioning you are protected better than any other platform.


4. Specifically designed for the Small to Medium Business (SME) Marketplace

We do not believe that players such as large carriers and manufacturers adequately cater to small to medium-sized enterprises.  Our system is positioned to be the best VoIP provider in the USA for small to medium businesses. Whether you sell to a customer with four extensions or four thousand, our system will accommodate your needs.


5. VoIP Resellers have their own private partition on the Talking Platforms System

You create unlimited profit centers, products, pooled minute packages, and brands to sell to different markets. Your customers only know about your company and services. You run your business, not us, but we are always here to help you grow your customer base.

If you want to learn more, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


6. Unlimited Extension to Extension (ON-NET) Calling

Unlike many providers, Talking Platforms does not charge for Extension to Extension or ON-NET calls. Many providers consider this an actual call and deduct it from your total overall calls. Other providers want to charge you for the actual bandwidth that is used. Talking Platforms is one of the best VoIP programs in the market.


7. Self-contained Billing and Accounting System

As one of the premier VoIP providers in the USA, our wholesale platform comes with an advanced integrated billing and accounting system that gives you full control over your finances. Each profit center acts as an accounting system, control debtors, sales, tax, and nominal accounts. You can create customer statements, run profit, and tax calculation reports along with the facility to export such data to third-party accounting systems. Our billing and accounting support proration and postpaid just like a large telephone company.


8. Recurring Billing Cycles

A wide range of recurring billing cycles is available including weekly, 4 weekly, monthly and yearly. We support manual and automatic billing giving you the best possible VoIP reseller program experience available.


9. Flexible Invoicing

Your customers can view invoices online, print, or download as a PDF document, all available in your own branding including logos.

10. Generic Products Billing

Hosted VoIP solutions may not be your core business, so you may want to add your own services and products to the phone service invoice. With our generic product billing, you can add as many of your products and services to the phone service invoice as you like as either a one time or recurring charge.

11. Payment Gateway

Want to have our system charge your customers in a safe and white label format? Not a problem with our simple credit card payment gateway and freedom from PCI compliance. Several providers may allow you to charge credit cards in their systems, but did they communicate you are responsible for PCI compliance? If not, you are exposed up to $250,000 per credit card fraud incidence. Talking Platforms is the best VoIP reseller program because we take care of this for you. Obtaining PCI compliance on your own can involve months of paperwork and fees, and from there, any changes on your system require the entire process to take place again.


12. Manual or Automatic Taxation/Regulatory Fees

You choose how you want to charge for Taxation and Regulatory Fees. Manual methods are included at no charge with the integrated billing and accounting engine. If you would like a comprehensive method for adding all related taxes and regulatory fees, our platform includes an optional and integrated SureTax system that will provide you the capability.

13. White Labeled

Log in to the system from your own website. Our white label VoIP reseller program includes URLs, branding, invoicing and login pages that are specifically you. As on the top VoIP providers in the USA, we use your subdomains to further segment your customers from ever knowing you are on a 3rd party system.


14. Customer login

Should you wish to do so, your customers can access the platform from your website and configure and control their own PBX. Extension users can log in to see their individual accounts and set forwarding. We also provide permission rules for your customer administrators giving you the best possible VoIP reseller program available.


15. White Label End User Support (An optional service)

Don't think you can resell VoIP services technical support to your customers due to a lack of resources or the expense of adding on specialized technical support personnel? Talking Platforms works hard to produce the best VoIP reseller program for you and your customers with our White Label End User Support program which gives you an instant technical support team that specializes in the services you offer.


Contact us at 202-747-0064 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up with a local VoIP provider in the USA that cares about your business success!

Talking Platforms is one of the top VoIP providers in the USA! 



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