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Talking Platforms is a 100% pure white label hosted VoIP platform for resellers and service providers.

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Choose your model! myPARTITION and take full control or Full-Service and let us offload the carrier tasks.

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Where VoIP Providers run their business - Talking Platforms

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Talking Platforms: 100% White Label VoIP Reseller Softswitch Platform

Talking Platforms is a cloud-based, white-label hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, Residential, Video Conferencing, and Fax communications platform for the reseller channel. The company has been in service since 2005, and is privately owned, well funded, and fast-growing. We are a wholesale VoIP provider, so our platform generates profit margins of up to 65% with our Full-Service program and up to 95% with myPARTITION. We only provide our VoIP hosted platform services to Resellers and Service Providers. We don't sell to end customers or compete with our resellers and partners.

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Why Talking Platforms
Should Be Your New
  • • Highest Margins Possible
  • • No Contracts Required
  • • 100% Channel Partners
  • • 100% White-Label
  • • 100% Customer Control
  • • 100% Softswitch Platform
  • • 100% Scalable Platform
  • • Use Your Carriers or Ours
  • • No IP-PBX or VM Build-outs
  • • No Perpetual Licenses
  • • No Multiple Logins
  • • DDoS Protection
  • • Toll-Fraud Protection
  • • Integrated Billing & Taxation
  • • East/West Data Centers
  • • Training

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Retain Hosted VoIP Customers - Talking PlatformsRetain Your Hard Earned Customers By Providing Reliable VoIP Phone Service!

Increase Opportunities!

Increase Profit Margins!

Take Control Of Your Future!

Toll Fraud Protection
Let Your Customers
know that you care
about their Business!
  • • Powerful Toll Fraud Detection
  • • Stop Expensive Call Charges
  • • Stop The Blame Game
  • • Improve Customer Relationships
  • • Reduce Customer Churn
  • • Stop Rewarding Hackers
  • • Monitor Every Call
  • • Keep Customers Smiling

Toll Fraud Protection - Talking Platforms

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Costs less than a

new Softswitch
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  • • Powerful Softswitch
  • • White-Label
  • • Full Control
  • • Security & DDoS Protection
  • • Toll Fraud Protection
  • • Billing & Accounting
  • • Bring Your Carriers
  • • Hosted PBX
  • • SIP Trunks
  • • Residential
  • • Small SMB to Enterprise

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.