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Service Level Agreement

TALKING PLATFORMS services provided on the TALKING PLATFORMS network shall comply with this Service Level Agreement (SLA) which is the sole remedy for any disruption in service as set forth herein.


Service Availability

TALKING PLATOFORMS services are available with a 99.99% uptime, allowing for a monthly Acceptable Mean Disruption (AMD) of 268 seconds. Service disruptions exceeding the AMD within a monthly cycle and classified as a Qualified Service Disruption (QSD) as set forth below qualify for remedies set forth in the section titled “Remedies”


Qualified Service Disruption

Service disruption due to core talking platforms network failure, core talking platforms routing application failure or core talking platforms billing application failure resulting in voice related interruption.


Service Disruptions Excluded from SLA

Scheduled Maintenance, Internet Outages, Customer and/or customer authorized individuals/organizations inflicted outages, Carrier/Sub Carrier based outages due to weather, power, systems, network, cabling, network or any related issue affecting their ability to provide service inbound or outbound to the Talking Platforms network. Web Portal access and configuration disruptions that can be addressed by Talking Platforms technical support representatives.



Service credits are available as a remedy to CUSTOMER for Qualified Service Disruptions exceeding the AMD set forth. CUSTOMER is eligible for a service discount for Qualified Service Disruptions that are reported to the TALKING PLATFORMS support center and verified as Qualified Service Disruptions. The total amount of compensation shall be calculated as follows:


Talking Platforms Outage Length:


5 to 30 Minutes  1 QSD 
 31 to 59 Minutes  2 QSD
 60 to 119 Minutes  3 QSD
 120 to 239 Minutes  5 QSD
 240 to 479 Minutes  10 QSD
 480 to 720 Minutes  15 QSD
 1200 to 1440 Minutes  20 QSD (Maximum)


A DSQ credit is equal to one day of affected network service for active monthly recurring products and excludes non-recurring, generic, DID and DID related services including listing, 911 registration, CNAM, T.38, WebFax or unrelated Talking Platforms products. QSD credits will be accumulated over one billing cycle and cannot exceed the maximum QSD. Talking platforms is not liable for any additional QSD credits above 100% of the affected monthly recurring products.


CUSTOMER is responsible for requesting SLA credits and providing supporting documentation showing that a support incident was reported. SLA credits can be requested for incidents no more than 7 business days old.

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