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The hosted VoIP Solution market has grown dramatically in the last few years. This is great news for the industry and the Hosted VoIP Providers selling directly to end customers, but what about the channel, service providers, managed IT providers, ISP’s, carriers, and the everyday entrepreneur that wants to break into this market?

Official VOIP ResellerThe choices are either limited or problematic. Let’s take a closer look at these choices and the issues surrounding them:

•    Build a Platform – Who would not want to try and build their own solution with the current state of technology. The truth and facts are clear, it’s not easy. In fact it is fraught with hurdles and problems. Do you really want to experiment on your customers? Will your solution eventually scale? Will your solution have integrated billing? Will it be reliable and stable? Do you have the in house talent to support it? Most do not.

•    Buy a Soft Switch – Why not leverage the expertise of a manufacturer who makes the very equipment that run telephone companies? Be prepared to spend six figures or more. This will not be an option for the majority of this potential market.

•    Partnership – There are many leaders in the marketplace providing Hosted VoIP Services directly to businesses and consumers. Recently they have reached out to the channel with reseller programs. This is the majority solution as of today, but consider that most provide a hybrid approach with options for handing over your customers in return for a small recurring commission. Some may even give you a portal with limited branding options, but in the end you would be funding your competition.

•    Wholesalers and DID Providers – These organizations are very good at providing the essentials at low cost, but when it comes to providing all the tools you need in a Hosted PBX platform and branding, you will quickly find the platform is not there.

So what is the smart solution? That choice is a 100% cloud based, white label hosted VoIP Platform Company that only works with organizations desiring to sell hosted VoIP services. This type of hosted service allows you to provide VoIP products and services by focusing on your customers and not the platform. They would never sell directly to an end user.

They would need to provide:

•    Extreme stability and performance
•    Full company branding with colors, logo and contact information
•    Full portal and login branding
•    Full customer partitioning with domain branding
•    Full PBX functionality including IVR, Ring Group, ACD and Conference Rooms
•    Call recording and Web Fax
•    Fully integrated billing and accounting system with payment gateway
•    Fully branded invoicing
•    Postpaid environment to emulate a traditional phone company
•    Proration on all monthly recurring products and services
•    Full control of VoIP product descriptions
•    Full control of VoIP product pricing
•    Al a carte wholesale priced VoIP products and services
•    Profit margins averaging 65%
•    Ability to sell generic or self-provided products on the same invoice
•    Support per minute charge or packaged/pooled minutes
•    DID Management
•    Sales representative and commission tracking
•    Proactive alerting tools for customer retention
•    Advanced auto provisioning for phones and devices
•    Minimal startup cost
•    No monthly minimum revenue requirement
•    No data bandwidth charges
•    No contract or exit penalties
•    No expensive onsite training
•    Optional end user white label support
•    Fully redundant infrastructure, disaster recovery with backup data center

By searching the current marketplace it may appear no hosted or cloud based provider could deliver on these requirements, but there is a company delivering this type of white label hosted VoIP service for over 10 years. Talking Platforms began in 2005 with its mission to provide a hosted VoIP platform specializing in white label branding to the reseller community.

Some Talking Platforms highlights:Official VOIP Reseller

•    Began in 2005
•    Previously built out carrier and service provider networks. Vast TDM and VoIP experience
•    The software was designed and built in-house. No dependence on 3rd party or open source support
•    Service was initially tested for 18 months before it was commercially made available
•    No venture capital or angel funding. Profitable and growing
•    A main data center in Maryland with disaster recovery in Colorado
•    Full redundancy and replication between data centers (HA-Lizard)
•    Designed and wrote the High Availability open source software used worldwide by thousands of companies called HA-Lizard
•    Extremely stable and reliable platform
•    Delivering a commercial version of the Talking Platforms software in Q1, 2017 for organizations that want to run their own service completely or outgrown the Talking Platforms standard service

What core products and services does Talking Platforms provide?

•    Hosted PBX Accounts (Commercial)
•    Hosted SIP Trunks (Commercial)
•    Hosted Single Line Accounts (Residential)
•    Call Recording
•    Web Based Fax
•    Virtual PBX and Single Line Accounts
•    Line Number Porting
•    DID’s (USA, Canada, Toll Free, International)
•    CNAM Inbound
•    CNAM Outbound
•    T.38 (Fax)
•    911 Registration
•    Directory Listing

What does Talking Platforms do for its customers?

•    Support and maintain the Talking Platforms system and platform
•    Provide direct support to Talking Platforms customers
•    Provide optional Talking Platforms customer end user support (White Labeled)
•    Handle all carrier related services
•    Train Talking Platforms customers

Talking Platforms works closely with its partners and resellers to ensure their success. The experience gained through years of providing hosted VoIP service is leveraged by partners every day. Ongoing training, support and knowledge transfer are a staple.

The question is simple, why would you compete with your Hosted VoIP Provider? Why would you help grow a hosted provider that has your same goals? Take a closer look at Talking Platforms and learn what so many companies and organizations already know. Let your company shine with its own cloud based Hosted VoIP platform and let Talking Platforms be your silent partner.


If you agree with this article, contact Talking Platforms today and see why we are your true partner!


Download the "Why are you competing with your VoIP Provider?" document     why compete with your voip provider

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