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Reseller Features: A Wholesale VoIP Reseller Program


VOIP Reseller ProgramTalking Platforms gives resellers and service providers all the features they need to become a VoIP provider.  The features you require to run a reliable service are at your fingertips.


Logging into the Talking Platforms service is easy and your features are ready to use. Under our wholesale VoIP reseller program, your customers can see the features under your own brand and company logo. You will have an immediate world class image.






  • Distributors or Reseller
  • Accounting/Billing
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Payment Gateway
  • Tax Configuration
  • Configure VoIP Accounts
  • Packaged Minutes
  • Unlimited Brands
  • White Label Branding
  • Create Companies
  • Companies Invoices
  • CLI Mapping
  • Phone Provisioning
  • Unlimited Profit Centers
  • Sub Agents
  • Currency Conversions
  • Unlimited Rate Cards
  • Rate Card Mappings
  • Brand Configuration
  • Brand Options
  • Nominal Accounts
  • CDR Records
  • Export CDR Records
  • PBX, SIP Trunks, and Residential

*All functionality is configured via the online web interface.


Distributor and/or Resellers

If configured to do so, you can have sub-distributors and resellers below your level under our wholesale VoIP reseller program.


Unlimited Profit Centers

Create unlimited profit centers to control sub-distributors and/or resellers or your own customers. A profit center groups together countries, products, prices, rate cards, branding and brand options.



The platform allows you the choice of utilizing the fully integrated billing and accounting system or your own. The billing system allows you to invoice and/or receive payment from your customers. This feature is free and optional.


Customer Invoicing

The platform has the capability to email invoices directly to your customers with your full branding and works seamlessly with our integrated billing/accounting and payment gateway system.


Payment Gateway

The payment gateway option allows you to process credit cards and works seamlessly with our integrated billing and accounting system. This feature is free and optional.


Configure Tax Options

The platform provides two levels of taxation processing. You can manually apply unlimited tax items at a global, regional or company level. You also have the option to use our fully integrated SureTax™ system to automatically calculate all local, state, federal, regulatory and telecom taxes.


Currency Conversions

Apply currency conversions and sell to other countries outside the USA.


Configure PBX Accounts

Order and configure PBX accounts. Each company is partitioned on the PBX with a unique domain you provide.


Unlimited Rate Cards

Create unlimited rate cards within each profit center. Rate cards can then be mapped to different products if required. For example, you could have a PBX account with packaged minutes attached. When the packaged minutes are all used you may want the call rates to be higher than a standard calling plan. We allow this capability.


Packaged and Company Pooled Minutes

Group together dial codes and time amounts to create a range of flexible packaged minute plans to assign to a PBX account, SIP Trunk or residential account. Apply to individual extensions and/or company pooled minutes.


Rate Card Mappings

Rate cards can be mapped to different products if required. For example, you may have a PBX account with packaged minutes attached. When the packaged minutes are all used, it's common for providers to charge more than the standard call plan. Rate card mappings allow this capability.


Unlimited Brands

Within each profit center, you can have different brands. A brand is a way of identifying different products with different prices along with different brand options (if required).


Brand Configuration

Under our wholesale VoIP reseller program, you have full control over your brand configuration.


White Label Branding

Configure the color of the login page, images for invoicing, remit to address for invoicing, and bring in HTML or pages from your website. Make your portal look and feel like your product.


Brand Options

Various options are available at the brand level such as controlling customer permission to view CLI mappings, delete accounts, view CDR columns and much more.


Create Companies

Each company lives in its own partition on the system. View, configure and control everything to do with your customers. Your account supports unlimited customers.


Company Invoices

Each company has its own set of invoices for billing.


Nominal Accounts

Each profit center has its own set of nominal accounts. These include debtors, sales and tax, and creditors.


CLI (Caller Line Identity) Mapping

Each PBX extension, SIP Trunk or residential line can be assigned its own CLI number or you can choose to present a single CLI number such as the reception or auto attendant. You are responsible for CLI mapping of your customers.


Phone Provisioning

The wholesale VoIP reseller program supports advanced phone auto-provisioning with Polycom, Cisco SPA, Yealink, and Grandstream. Optional support is provided for you to create your own templates.


CDR Records

View Call Data Records (CDRs) online at any time. Available for export as a CSV file format.


Sub Agents

The VoIP reseller program is not just for your end customers, you can supply VoIP services for your vendors and 3rd parties to resell. With our "Reps" feature their companies and commissions can easily be managed.


Export CDR Records

Export Call Data Records (CDRs) online at any time. Configure CDR Templates to export the records.


PBX, SIP Trunks, and Residential

We provide your core products to sell your own service. Thes includes Hosted PBX accounts, Registered or IP authenticated SIP Trunks and Residential accounts. We also provide WebFax and Call Recording.

Our wholesale VOIP reseller program allows you to be a reseller of white label services without the stress of finding and maintaining carriers.


Learn more about white label phone services and how to become a VoIP distributor.



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