Why it makes sense to select a white label VoIP platform provider

I need white label service! please...White Label Services from Talking Platforms simply means we provide you a Hosted PBX platform that you can sell to your customers, other service providers, resellers and distributors while maintaining complete control over your service. In addition, all branding including logos and colors are yours. In effect, your customers never know Talking Platforms exists.

The costs for creating a Hosted PBX platform offers a significant barrier to entry from day one. VoIP systems are complex, time consuming and need to be managed 24 hours a day.

A hosted PBX system is a managed service, so you need extensive knowledge and experience. The Talking Platforms core engine development team has over 13 years of VoIP expertise and development experience in designing and building this management platform.

It can take years to get to market, time is essential when bringing a product offering to the business community. Your customer’s time frame will typically be much shorter than this.

Ownership of the customer remains yours; we are not interested in owning the customer, that is your role.

White label PBX services is our business model. Allow us to do what we do best and we will allow you to continue to do what you are best at. We want you to continue finding new and existing customers for the hosted PBX services.

Resellers Solution Checklist:

  • Unique proposition
  • Significant market demand
  • Fully brandable to your company’s look and feel
  • No outlay on platforms required
  • No hosting or infrastructure requirement
  • No need to create termination relationships
  • Attractive margins
  • Integrated billing and extensive reporting

End Users Solution Checklist:

  • No expensive set up, maintenance or support costs
  • ‘Pooled Minutes’ can be included for a complete ‘1-stop-solution’
  • Free calls between offices irrespective of distance or duration
  • Home workers benefit from free calls in exactly the same way
  • Online web interface for users
  • Fully configurable via the online web interface
  • Purchase geographic DID numbers for all area codes in the USA
  • Premium rate numbers available

Read our white paper on “Why are you competing with your Hosted VoIP Provider?”

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