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How to Become a VoIP Reseller

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) Selling VoIP Servicesis already taking over the telephone service industry, leading traditional telephone lines to become obsolete. For those entrepreneurs that are wanting to get involved in this booming business and are interested in either building their own platform or learning how to become a VoIP reseller, there are a few things you should know first before diving headfirst.

A popular way someone starts up their own VoIP platform

– They use open source Asterisk or use 3CX IP PBX software (asterisk like licensed software you purchase yearly)
– Install an instance of the software on a Virtual Private Server for each customer they bring on. Typically, on a data center
– Create a relationship with a SIP trunk/DID provider so that they can port and get new numbers for their customers. Also terminate traffic so there customers can call out, provide Caller ID NAME, 911 services.
– Add 3rd party modules to Asterisk and 3CX so they can have additional features
– Obtain a billing software service or software so there customers can be billed
– Obtain a Taxation solution so there customers can be taxed correctly for all related local, country, state, FCC and regulatory. This usually requires and API to a major taxation partner like Suretax or Avalara
– Provide a type of wrap around software to manage all individual instances of the IP PBX
Sound like a lot? It can be. Providing the wrap around software can sometimes be a big problem area. Talking Platforms is a white label VoIP provider that can simplify the process for you. The softswitch feature included in our platforms is inherent and built in for simplified manage as you scale.
Being a reseller has its benefits. Let us explain!

Who is a VoIP reseller

A VoIP reseller is a secondary service provider who offers VoIP to clients as though they were the primary provider. The primary VoIP provider like Talking Platforms, who already has an established network base and resources, provides the VoIP reseller platforms to provide to their customers at a monthly fee. If this sounds easier to you than building a platform yourself, your next step is to choose the right provider.

Why Choose Talking Platforms

If you are interested in becoming a VoIP reseller, then working with Talking Platforms is the way to go! Our platforms are not high-quality, but they are also under white label. This means you as the reseller can provide VoIP to your customers under the brand of your choosing. A white label VoIP platform is beneficial economically because, as the reseller, you can set the costs and get the revenue, only paying a small fee to us as the VoIP service. Once a partnership is created between the reseller and us, we help get their business up and quickly. Learn more about who does what and why we have one of the best white label VoIP reseller programs.
Interested in getting started today? You can call us at 202-747-0064 or email

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