Who Does What In Our White Label Reseller Programs?

Best White Label VoIP Reseller Program 

Talking Platforms provides a clear path to what you are responsible for when running your private label VoIP service with us which makes us one of the best VoIP platform providers. With the support of one other, your customers will continue to use the service and be able to concentrate on what they do best.

If you have questions about our white label programs, you can contact us at 202-747-0064 




You are responsible for:


1. The configuration of your branded system

You are responsible to complete the following training: the configuration of profit centers, products, tax rules, pricing and rates, pooled minutes (if required), branding, product configuration and control of the sale brands.

2. Sales of your products and private label VoIP services to your customers

You are responsible for the sales of your service and products to your customers.

3. Pre-sales checks

You are responsible for pre-sales technical checks (following training).

4. First-line customer support

You are responsible for first-line customer support, we supply second and third line support to you. (We offer White Label End User Support as an optional service)

5. Customer credit risk, invoicing and collection of payments

You are fully responsible for the credit risk on customer call spending, the invoicing and collection of payments. These also include the special carrier and/or emergency responder fine related fees such as 911 calls without proper registration.

6. Day-to-day customer care

You are responsible for daily customer account management.


Talking PlatformsUSA, as an IP phone service provider to resellers, is responsible for:


1. The supply of a commercial-class white label VoIP reseller platform

We are responsible for the supply of the data center infrastructure, application servers, soft switches, load balancing, infrastructure security, infrastructure bandwidth, URLs, website access and back-ups.

2. Day-to-day operations of the Hosted VoIP PBX platform

We operate the infrastructure on a daily basis. This includes server back-ups, security patches, maintenance, data center bandwidth, URLs, allocation of domains and sub-domains, DID allocation and changes, PSTN and Mobile telephone termination, server monitoring, firewall access and rules, log rotation and anything associated with running a complex white label VoIP PBX Platform.

3. The Supply of DID (telephone) numbers for resale (Full Service Model)

We supply access to thousands of USA geographic and non-geographic DID numbers. Once ordered, we are responsible for the porting of each DID number along with requests for new DID acquisitions in the future.

To become a wholesale VoIP provider under our myPARTITION model, you are responsible for the inbound/outbound carriers and the DID's.

4. The Supply of PSTN and mobile terminations  (Full Service Model)

We supply the interconnect between the private label VoIP platform and various carriers. We provide inbound and outbound traffic with several quality carriers.

With the myPARTITION model, you are responsible for the carriers and their associated services.

5. Platform training

When you become a reseller, we will train you on how to use the platform. This includes training on the use of Hosted VoIP PBX Phones, configuration, technical capabilities, and fault finding.

6. Second and third line support

We are responsible for second and third line support of the VoIP platform, connections, web access, web applications, DIDs and PSTN and Mobile terminations (full-service model). This means you provide support to your customers and we provide support to you. In certain cases, we will work with your customer with your permission.

7. Pre-sales support:

We will help with pre-sales technical support for all Hosted VoIP PBX phones and services.

8. Invoicing of the reseller:

We invoice and collect payments from the reseller for the product and services used within the month.


If you have questions about our white label programs, you can contact us at 202-747-0064