White Label Phone Service & End User Support


White Label Phone ServiceAs part of our business VoIP provider programs, Talking Platforms provides you an option to reduce or eliminate your customer technical support issues. You may not have the resources to provide quality technical support to your customers or maybe you just want to focus on selling VoIP Services. Talking Platforms created an optional service to address these issues. Under the White Label End User Support program, your customers would be given a dedicated number and Help Desk access to our support center. We would answer the phone or respond to help desk tickets as your company. Once again, a true white label phone service to protect your brand!


Products and Services:


  • White Label End User Support - Your customers call us for technical support under your company brand
  • White Label Help Desk - Your customers can access the generic white label Help Desk through your web portal or public internet
  • Dedicated White Label Support Number - Your exclusive telephone number for your customers to call support




  • Reduce your operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Reduce the need for expensive technical support personnel
  • Reduce onsite visits
  • Increase your time for selling VoIP services
  • Customer Retention - Your customers get support from highly trained technical support representatives
  • Optional hourly rate services for complex applications, configurations, and special requirements


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