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Talking Platforms is a 100% pure white label hosted VoIP platform for resellers and service providers.

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Video Conferencing from Talking PlatformsWhen your customers require more than just a voice, Talking Platforms provides another great service that allows our partners to increase their revenue and customer retention. Video Conference meetings have become important to businesses and organizations for many reasons including the pandemic. Our video conference product is just another part of a full range of communications services in our white-label platform for service providers, managed service providers, IT providers, PBX interconnects, and resellers in general.


With the Video Conferencing service, you get the following:


  1. Securely encrypted meetings for maximum protection

  2. Video Meetings - Talking Platforms
  3. Video Conferencing is available to your customers 7 x 24

  4. Runs on standard modern web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge using built-in WebRTC

  5. Runs on white label smartphone apps available for Android and Apple (ioCONNECT-MEET)

  6. Supports unlimited viewers when utilizing streaming services like YouTube, Facebook, and more

  7. Supports up to 15 participants when running the browser and/or smartphone apps

  8. Supports desktop sharing to let viewers and participants view your desktop

  9. Share a YouTube video from your desktop for all participants and viewers to see

  10. Video Conferencing from Talking Platforms
  11. In-meeting Chat for the host and participants to communicate during your meeting

  12. Virtual Hand to raise and lower during your meeting for silent attention

  13. Mute and Audio control to make meetings better

  14. Camera start and stop controls

  15. Share video conference meeting information

  16. Add meeting passwords for increased security

  17. Change your video tile views to choose how you see your meeting

  18. Blur your background on demand when you don't want someone to see but know you are there

  19. Add revenue-generating call-in telephone numbers that also increase the meeting audio experience

  20. Record and/or Stream your meeting with OBS software provided free by Talking Platforms


video conference - Talking Platforms


It really is this easy to get started with Talking Platforms as your White Label Hosted VoIP Platform provider. Get started today by calling us or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


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