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How to Become Hosted SIP Trunk Reseller


You may be wondering, how can I become a Hosted SIP Trunk Reseller and provide IP PBX systems with all the emphasis on Hosted PBX services? Yes, the Talking Platforms white label VoIP service includes the capability to become a Hosted SIP Trunk Reseller and connect any IP PBX or legacy telephone system. Our Hosted SIP Trunk Platform features have been available since the start of Talking Platforms in 2005. This is an integral part of a company's progression to a fully Hosted PBX solution. Not every company is ready to give up a legacy telephone system whether SIP or Analog/Digital based. Many PBX Interconnects and IT providers have resources in place to provide an onsite telephone solution, but still, desire the flexibility and cost savings associated with SIP Trunks to provide incoming and outgoing voice traffic.


How Does A Hosted SIP Trunk Platform Work?

SIP Trunk and IP PBX Support from Talking Platforms

What is a SIP Trunk? This is an acronym for Session Internet Protocol Trunk. Our Hosted SIP Trunk Platform eliminates the old-style wired connections to the local telephone company and replaces it with a modern connection using the public Internet. The SIP trunk can directly connect to an IP PBX with standard Ethernet on an existing Internet connection. If the Telephone system is not SIP-based, you can connect to it with a media or VoIP gateway which converts the SIP Trunk to analog or digital T1/PRI connections. Since SIP Trunks are IP based, they have incredible flexibility in how they operate and where you locate them. When using our Hosted SIP Trunk Reseller program, Talking Platforms provides two distinct SIP Trunk products for you to sell under your own brand, standard registration and IP authenticated. The main differences between the two are the ease with which you can connect them to the Internet/IP PBX and the connected device control of the Caller ID.


What is an IP PBX? In the past, the traditional PBX was a piece of hardware physically located within the company, business, or organization. You run dedicated cabling from the PBX to the proprietary phones that only worked with that particular PBX. With an IP PBX, the PBX functionality was converted to software and runs locally at the customer's site or in a data center. The IP PBX works with most manufacturers' SIP phones utilizing the standard SIP communications protocol. The modern IP PBX is feature-rich and rivals the previous hardware-based enterprise telephone systems that were prevalent in medium to large size companies. In some competitive applications, the IP PBX located at the customer's premises can be scaled more cost-effective than individual hosted PBX accounts, though the management and support complexity increases.


Become a Hosted SIP Trunk Reseller with Talking Platforms Today!

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Talking Platforms partners have many successful implementations of popular IP PBX software such as Asterisk, 3CX, Adtran Netvanta, Allworx, FreePBX, Avaya IP Office, Panasonic, Samsung OfficeServ, and others. This allows our partners to address their client's immediate needs while allowing them to migrate to a fully hosted PBX solution in the future. Talking Platforms provides you the choice and direction to grow your VoIP services business with our flexible Hosted SIP Trunk Platform.


SIP Trunks are not limited to use with an IP PBX, any device operating on the standard SIP protocol can be used such as Session Border Controllers (SBC), specialized communications platforms, small call centers, and broadcasting systems, fax servers, and many more.



Don't put off becoming a hosted PBX reseller that provides a Hosted SIP Trunk Platform solution and the ability to connect IP PBX systems, contact us at (202) 747-0064 today!

*Asterisk, 3CX, Adtran, Allworx, FreePBX, Avaya IP Office, Panasonic, and Samsung OfficeServ are all trademarks of their respective companies.

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