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How the Talking Platforms White Label Reseller Program Works


Talking Platforms is a leading provider of Secure Cloud Based Hosted PBX and ITSP services to resellers, service providers, IT providers, and entrepreneurs. Our investment in infrastructure allows resellers to benefit from a carrier-grade VoIP platform without the need to invest heavily in hardware, software and support personnel to provide ongoing maintenance of an internally developed system.


When you sign up for the Talking Platforms VoIP White Label Reseller Program, your account gives you access to your own partition. You control your entire Hosted VoIP Platform partition from your web browser via a secure connection and login. Control and create unlimited profit centers, tax parameters, products, rate cards, pooled minutes packages, brands, and customer accounts for Hosted PBX, Residential and SIP Trunking.White Label Telecom


The Talking Platforms white label reseller program will immediately give you the feeling it is your dedicated service. Each profit center acts as an accounting system which allows you to track and monitor your customer accounts. Extensive reporting includes nominal accounts, payments, statements, CDRs, destinations reports, profits, pooled minutes analysis, and usage reports.


Creating customers couldn't be easier and their new virtual VoIP PBX telephone system will be live as soon as you configure it. Live telephone accounts with real telephone numbers in a matter of minutes.


Your Existing Website

Go ahead and use your own website to market and promote your new VoIP services. Since Talking Platforms is a white label (No branding from us) service, your customers will continue using your website and deal directly with you.


Customer Login

Should you wish to do so, your customers can also login to their own accounts on the Talking Platforms application directly from your website. We give you a simple webpage link that you embed into your website. You can either have it pop up in a new web browser window or in a framed page within your website. Don't worry, it will be your branding, your logo, and company. You can give them PBX admin or individual extension user access with access permissions control.


Training and Support

As part of your VoIP white label reseller program, you will be trained on how to use the platform, as well as the features of using various VoIP Phones and establishing a connection with the Secure Hosted PBX. Talking Platforms also provides award-winning service and technical support, so help will always be on hand when you need it. We can even help your business model and pricing models.


So what are you waiting for?

We've described how easy and quickly Talking Platforms can get you started with providing VoIP services. The time is now and the lucrative opportunities are just the beginning of the many rewards of this industry.


Contact us today for complete details on how to get started!

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