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Talking Platforms is a 100% pure white label hosted VoIP platform only for resellers and service providers.

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We give you the freedom to focus on selling your core products and services while retaining your customers with lucrative VoIP phone services

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Our Cloud Based Phone System for Small Business FAQs

We know you have questions. Here are some of the most common questions and answers that we experience every day.

If you have a question not listed below, please contact us at 202-747-0064.

Talking Platforms is a white label provider of a cloud-based phone system for small to medium businesses. Our programs are specifically made for service providers, voice over IP resellers, carriers, CLECS or any organization that needs to enter the lucrative telecom market and maintain their individual brand.

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The core services are:

Hosted PBX - This service allows you to offer virtual PBX services to your customers.

Hosted ITSP - This service allows you to offer telephone service to residential and consumer markets.

SIP Trunking - This service allows you to offer long distance and international calling to businesses with either a legacy PBX or telephone system. It can also be utilized with newer IP PBX systems.

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Under our Full Service wholesale voip reseller model, we take care of all carrier relationships and porting of telephone numbers (DID's) allowing you to focus more on selling service.

With our myPARTITION wholesale VoIP providers model, you can bring your own carrier with the ability to handle porting and addition of new numbers.

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No, this is what separates us from the majority of the hosted and Cloud based VoIP market. The majority of hosted providers sell directly to end users first and then think about partners or resellers of their service. They typically have hybrid white label arrangements and many own your customer and pay small commissions for some period of time. If your truly looking to run your own hosted platform under your own company name and brand, Talking Platforms is your solution.

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No, we provide you a VoIP platform at wholesale prices. It is completely your business to run and collect revenue from your customers.

Contact us at 202-747-0064 to get started with our cloud based phone system today!

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