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We know you have questions. Here are some of the most common questions and answers that we experience every day.

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Talking Platforms is a Cloud Based VoIP service specifically made for service providers, VoIP resellers, carriers, CLECS or any organization that needs to enter the lucrative VoIP service market and maintain their individual brand.

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The core services are:

Hosted PBX - This service allows you to offer virtual PBX services to your customers.

Hosted ITSP - This service allows you to offer telephone service to residential and consumer markets.

SIP Trunking - This service allows you to offer long distance and international calling to businesses with either a legacy PBX or telephone system. It can also be utilized with newer IP PBX systems.

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Under our Full Service model, we take care of all carrier relationships and porting of telephone numbers (DID's) allowing you to focus more on selling service.

With our myPARTITION model, you can bring your own carrier with the ability to handle porting and addition of new numbers.

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No, this is what separates us from the majority of the hosted and Cloud based VoIP market. The majority of hosted providers sell directly to end users first and then think about partners or resellers of their service. They typically have hybrid white label arrangements and many own your customer and pay small commissions for some period of time. If your truly looking to run your own hosted platform under your own company name and brand, Talking Platforms is your solution.

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No, we provide you VoIP services at wholesale prices. It is completely your business to run and collect revenue from your customers.

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No, we provide you all the services at wholesale prices and you determine what you want to sell them for. In addition, you collect the revenue directly. Talking Platforms is not known to your customers at all. They perceive you as being the Hosted Provider and it's your system.

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Yes! We provide Registered and IP Authenticated SIP Trunks. With IP Authenticated SIP Trunks, you have the ability to control Caller ID with any IPPBX or SIP Appliance/Device.

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Yes, this is an optional service. It allows you to record an extension or residential line with archiving and search capability. We store these records for up to 90 days. You can download these recordings at any time for permanent archival.

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Yes, we provide two different fax services. Traditional fax service by using an ATA and a standard analog fax machine. We also provide optional WEB Based fax service where a customer will receive their fax by email as a PDF attachment and they can send faxes with attachments via a web portal which provides archiving and management.

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Yes, we provide 4 hours of initial training when you join our program. Additional training is provided upon request at no charge. All training is provided remotely through desktop sharing. No expensive onsite training is required.

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Yes, there is a small minimum requirement of revenue to generate each billing cycle. There are many choices in the marketplace that include voip providers who do not require any monthly revenue requirements, but most fall into the direct competition models where they sell to the same customers (compete with you) , low margin and share your customer models or smaller inexperienced Asterisk™ providers. Talking Platforms provides you a system that will be extremely stable and not compromise your customers to a forever churn model that may also affect your core business or services. There is a difference.

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No, we do not charge you a bandwidth network usage charge.

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No, we do not charge you for any On-Net calls or any extension to extension calls within our system.

In addition, for the myPARTITION service model, it would not reduce your simultaneous call paths.

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Talking Platforms infrastructure is designed with failover, redundancy, and replication throughout the network. No single point of failure exists with redundant servers, routers, and switches combined with real-time replication to a secondary data center. It is designed to provide uninterrupted service in the event a server, database, router, switch or entire data center goes down. The Talking Platforms network consists of multiple data and IP provider links from two data centers. Each of these links is capable of carrying the entire network load in the event of single or multiple link failure.

The Talking Platforms primary data center is enterprise-class with 7x24 monitoring and protection. The data center is located
in Baltimore, Maryland and provides the following capabilities, features, and services:

  • 22,000 square foot facility
  • Three 800kw Caterpillar Generators
  • Liebert Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Dual Power Feeds
  • 410 Tons of cooling
  • Advanced fire suppression systems
  • SSAE-16
  • Compliant and PCI-DSS Certified
  • 24x7x365 Operations Support Center with Onsite engineers
  • Multi-Tiered security surveillance including biometric hand scanners
  • Direct fiber access to multiple Tier 1 internet providers (Level 3, XO Communications and Cogent)
  • Redundant Internal Network Infrastructure-Cisco Powered HA
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We provide three options for support:

  1. Standard Direct support to our partners/resellers
  2. With this standard service, we support our partners/resellers as they support their customers
  3. Optional White Label End User support to the customers of our partners and resellers
  4. This service allows our partners/resellers to focus on selling. We handle all of their customers support issues directly under their brand/company name.
  5. Optional hourly paid services:
  6. For complicated configurations and requirements outside of normal support, you can pay hourly for support.
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Yes, we have an advanced, dynamic fully integrated DoS/DDos protection system that we built specifically for hosted VoIP environments.

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Yes, one of the premier features of Talking Platforms is the multi-level billing engine. In effect, you give your resellers or distributors the same service we gave you, they simply mark up your prices for the same service. The billing engine keeps complete track of what they sell and what you make.

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Yes, at the heart of the Talking Platforms system is an extensive billing engine designed for resellers and their customers. It provides important functions such as determining what your cost and profit are, reports and sending invoices. Many other features like billing alerts, pooled minutes, cutoff limits are also standard with your service. The billing engine also supports any resellers you sign up to sell your service.

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Yes, we have two options for handling Taxes and Taxation:

  1. Manually add as many taxes required at Global, Regional and company override levels

  2. Use our optional integrated SureTax™ system to automatically calculate and add all related local, county, state, federal, regulatory and telecom related taxes to the invoice.

Talking Platforms does not provide taxes or tax price recommendation due to the complexity, constantly changing state laws and legality issues. There are 3 ways to do the taxes:

  1. Manual configuration: Our system has the capability to put in any amount of taxes desired. This is included at no charge. It is up to the reseller to determine what the taxes are, what amount to collect and who to payout. Many early and smaller resellers simply collect the FSUF Regulatory Fee that we collect from them (5% of invoice amount) and general sales tax from the state. This is no recommendation or actual advice what to do, it’s just what we see from experience.

  2. Hybrid configuration: Below is our partner contact for an organization that can assist tax setup properly in their state or other states. They are both compliance and legal experts in the Telecom industry. They can also do payouts to any required agency from a central point. They do charge for their services and this is directly between the reseller and the contact provided.

  3. SureTax Integration: Our optional paid service utilizes our integrated billing/accounting system to add ALL related local, state, county, surcharge, state, telecom and regulatory fees; similar to the same process as the largest telephone companies use to calculate invoices based on the customers address and products ordered. This still presents the issue of verifying compliance and payouts to multiple agencies. The partner or reseller can do this themselves if they have the capability or utilize our tax compliance partner below who also specializes in SureTax.


Talking Platforms Tax Specialist an Compliance partner:

Judith A. Riley, Esq.

Telecom Professionals, Inc.                                   Physical Address:

P.O. Box 720128                                                   12316 Hidden Forest Boulevard

Oklahoma City, OK  73172-0128                          Oklahoma City, OK  73142

Office: 405-755-8177 Extension 100                     * E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Fax: 405-755-8377                                                 " Website:

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Yes, we have an integrated Payment Gateway that works seamlessly with our integrated billing and accounting. We utilize and you can choose your merchant. Depending upon the merchant, you can process credit cards, paypal, ACH, etc.

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