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Resell VoIP Service


White Label Cloud ResellerTalking Platforms provides a hosted resell VoIP service that is meant to make running your business easier. Our white label cloud reseller platform allows you to sell, deliver, manage and invoice for all services under your company branded partition. Under our private label VoIP reseller program, Talking Platforms can give the support you need to succeed in the VoIP business, and to make certain that our hosted services exceed both you and your customer's requirements.


Products and Services:

  • Hosted PBX -  Provides corporate and business PBX services via the Internet
  • Hosted ITSP - Provides residential telephone services via the Internet
  • SIP Trunking - Provides multiple VoIP voice trunks via the Internet
  • Web Fax - Provides internet-based faxing
  • Traditional Fax - Physical analog fax machine service
  • Call Recording - Provides the ability to record calls for extensions and single line accounts
  • DID Services - Provide and sell telephone numbers and their associated services
  • White Label End User Support - Optional service for offloading your end customer support to Talking Platforms



  • Quickly and cost-effectively resell VoIP services as well as hosted PBX and SIP trunking services to your customers
  • Offer reliable, high-quality products and services your customers want and need
  • Leverage your brand and customer relationships
  • High margins with managed recurring charges
  • Rise above your competition with the appearance you own a complete platform


Why join Talking Platforms and become official VoIP Reseller?

  • A proven system to provide you a world class image and reliable, dependable VoIP services to resell to your customers
  • We are a white label cloud reseller business platform leader dedicated exclusively to other service providers
  • A lower cost, more reliable solution than buying your own hardware and software
  • High margins since you control your pricing and it's your service
  • Secure system and platform
  • Reduce your churn rate due to service related issues and downtime
  • You have a partner dedicated to the success of your VoIP service


Contact Talking Platforms at 202-747-0064 today to get started!

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