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How to Become a VoIP Provider


Talking Platforms would like to make a solid partnership with service providers, resellers and any organization throughout the USA which currently offers service-based white label VoIP solutions to their own small and medium-sized customers and would benefit from using our wholesale reseller programs.

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VoIP Reseller Business Profile 

Become A VoIP Provider

To become a VoIP provider through Talking Platforms, we look for Managed IT, Cable, DSL and ISP/WISP providers who want to enter the Hosted PBX services market but are not ready to implement their own solution due to technical, financial and resource barriers. This makes a wholesale VoIP reseller program like the one with Talking Platforms a great option.

We are looking for companies who offer IT-based services, consultancy, and supplies to an existing customer base.

A typical reseller does not need to know anything about offering telephone services, however, they need the vision to see the potential revenue streams and additional service they can offer the existing customer base by becoming a VoIP provider.

You will find new business by offering VoIP and hosted PBX services, which in turn will reward itself by having the chance to offer your other services. The market is ready, growing and opportunities are endless.

The ideal VoIP business reseller will provide IT-based services and therefore be able to offer first line support to their own customers. Talking Platforms will fully support your team at 2nd and 3rd line support issues. We do provide an option for White Label End User support if your lacking resources to address front-line technical support.


Next Steps to Become a VoIP Provider 

To sum it up, Talking Platforms is looking for individuals and organizations who understand that a company that has become a VoIP provider is built on reliability, quality service, and overall functionality. Your customers have been trained for years by the telephone company to just pick up their phone and dial tone is available. They were trained to use features like call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail. When this functionality does not work, customers will rarely stay with that provider. Utilizing inferior software solutions and small start-up providers may appear attractive when you think of short-term costs, but in the long term, it will have dramatic costs tied to customer turnover and massive technical support. Choose Talking Platforms today as your white label VoIP reseller partner today!

If you have more questions on being a business VoIP provider, contact us at (202) 747-0064.


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