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Our White Label Cloud Services

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The Talking Platforms myPARTITION white label cloud services provide advanced control for the seasoned service provider by allowing you to "bring your own carriers" for maximum call traffic profit, flexibility, and competitiveness. In addition, we provide a free high-quality carrier trunk with competitive rates to get you started or to use as an alternative route. You will have total control through our Platform Portal to manage customers, manage VoIP services, send invoices, collect payments and run profit reports.



Who is this white label cloud service for?

Are you an experienced VoIP and Communications service provider looking for a reliable, stable and proven class 5 Softswitch platform? Do you want a professional organization to manage the hardware, software and high availability issues? Do you want to have full control of the system features and the ability to bring your chosen carriers? The Talking Platforms myPARTITION is your service and solution.



The rewards and benefits for our private label VoIP platforms


  • Proven Cloud-based Class 5 Softswitch and Communications Platform
  • We maintain the platform hardware, software, data centers, and high availability
  • Bring your chosen carriers to supply inbound and outbound traffic, porting and numbers
  • You run your business and own your customers
  • No commission splits or payouts
  • Fast startup
  • Hosted PBX and Residential accounts
  • We support you and you support your customers (unless you sign up for the optional White Label End User Support program
  • We train you fully to manage the platform
  • We provide white label marketing
  • We provide partner Intranet access for our extensive knowledge base, manuals, documents, marketing, network status, feedback forms and more


Would you rather take on more responsibility, supply your own carriers and increase profit margins? If so, our myPARTITION VoIP platform provides you all the same great features with the additional control of the carriers and telephone numbers. We even provide a free wholesale trunk for you to get started while you find your carriers! There has never been a better time to get started and Talking Platforms makes it easy.



Not sure which service is best for you? Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us today for a one on one discussion, demonstration, and detailed pricing.



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