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 Unhappy VoIP Provider Customer

Have you been quietly suffering from "bad hosted VoIP Provider syndrome" and you are starting to think this is the way things are? Don't worry, you are not alone. Come sit on our couch and tell us all about it! We have heard it all and we are here to tell you there is a difference in who you choose as your white label or hosted VoIP Provider.


Have you been experiencing any of the following from your current Hosted VoIP Provider?

  • Common and repeated outages
  • Extended outages with over a half a day
  • Features that stop working for days
  • NAT related issues
  • Lack of communications during outages
  • Endless Auto Attendants for support
  • Unresponsive technical support
  • No central point of contact
  • No white label support options
  • Spinning up IP PBX's one at atime
  • Difficulty connecting companies with multiple branches
  • No options to bring your own carriers
  • No proper or follow up training
  • Left on your own


Talking Platforms is your knight in shining armor and the answer to spin up, individualized IP PBX based hosted providers with low quality carriers. For years we have been explaining the difference between hosted VoIP providers. We use a real class 5 softswitch  developed byTalking Platforms and improved upon since in 2003. Looking to add a new customers, no problem and no need to install a new instance of an IP PBX. Simple.


When you search on the Internet for hosted VoIP providers to partner with, you get back millions of results. Did you know:


  • The majority sell direct to end users (funding your competition)
  • The majority sell IP PBX based systems where you spin one up for every customer
  • The majority have been in business for 2 years or less
  • Many do not have the revenue to put in proper DoS/DDoS protection
  • Many bolt on 3rd party products and do not Integrate
  • Many do not have any billing options or do proration
  • The majority do not have an integrated full taxation solution to charge all taxes and fees
  • Many pay small 10% to 15% commissions and you may not own your customer


Why would you put all that effort into building a VoIP based business or possibly ruin your companies core business reputation? Is it really worth the perception of better pricing or a slightly better per minute rate? At Talking Platforms we believe there is a difference and provide it every day. We would love to have you join our white label family. Give us a call or email today!


We provide two distinct services for our partners and resellers:
myPARTITION Service ModelThis model allows our partners and resellers the maximum flexibility, control and highest profit potential. You have the ability to bring your own carriers and telephone numbers. Even if you don't have carriers, we give you a free wholesale trunk with extremely competitive rates and the ability to get new numbers and port existing numbers. With both solutions you have access to all the management, billing and advanced features from our centralized and integrated platform.
Full Service Model This model allows our partners and resellers to focus more on selling and not managiing every aspect of the platform while still achieving profit margins up to 60%. We handle the carriers and telephone numbers. We give you competitive rates, process new numbers and port existing numbers. With both solutions you have access to all the management, billing and advanced features from our centralized and integrated platform.

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